Hand drawn icons for use on a client’s website.
Bottom Line is a unique community of business leaders and entrepreneurs. I had the privilege of working with them to brand a series of talks this summer. I shot the photography, created the logo and created the image graphic above used in multiple applications, including informational print brochures, signage, and presentation displays.
Drawing of a local shop done from a photo I took.
A couple bookmark reading plan redesign ideas. Sometimes your client needs to see different styles to be able to settle on their own.
On the left is front and back for one of the first bookmarks I did upon joining the graphic design crew. One of the goals was expressing the coastal vibe that is such a part of the church’s culture. On the right is a logo created to represent a theme the youth group decided on. I chose the bluetooth symbol to represent the idea of connecting.
One of the things I do pretty much weekly, is prepare this informational layout for print to keep the community in the know on the happenings at North Coast Calvary where I am a designer. I’m working on sourcing images from local members of the community for the cover of this publication and often I get to use my own!
This is an Instagram adaptation of the weekly publication mentioned above.
This one’s just for fun. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with a personality typing system called the enneagram. My wife’s type is number 7.
A logo designed for a client who was starting up a business salvaging and rebuilding bicycles.
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